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This Six Orders Not Received!
Nov 25, 2016

This six orders not received!

1, the number of large, low deposit

Requests are not to start,

Behind the requirements a lot!

An order will do to death.

This six orders not received!

2, high quality, price junk

A high standard of quality,

Trash prices,

Such orders are often the last to pay themselves.

This six orders not received!

3, no contract

Clearly delivery business,

Quality business is not clear.

You don't know the way how to go,

Customers talk about their condition,

Until the single is finally fail!

This six orders not received!

4, delivery is urgent business

Often such orders,

Potential customers do in other places,

Sample is not good.

Waiting for you a little more quality,

Fight for your discounted shipping,

Or cancel the order.

This six orders not received!

5, the deposit does not play

Home at all.

Next to money,

To settle the payment.

As long as there is a large form,

Home Find a reason not to pay,

You many years of profit may be wasted;

Or you pay the home's purchase price,

Select only migrate,

Hidden life!

This six orders not received!

6, there are many brokers

Such orders,

Demanding are ridiculous.

Because too many middlemen,

Leading to the ultimate consumer the purchase price was too high.

Fairly high standards for quality.

A problem from the eventual buyer to supplier,

Unable to articulate the meaning of,

Missed the best time for action!