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PET And OPP Ink Extensive Delamination Or Transfer Occurs Because Analysis
Nov 25, 2016

PET and OPP ink appears extensive delamination or transfer of a number of reasons, just give you a brief introduction here, do some basic analysis, we hope to be able to help.

This happens mostly associated with types of polyamide used ink, as long as the use of chlorinated polypropylene ink the phenomenon disappear; OPP the surface treatment of the poor will also cause this phenomenon.

PET film printing ink removal or transfer can occur because

1, with the use of chlorinated polypropylene inks have a certain relationship, the solution is a large quantity of ink on the ink instead of polyester, nylon, special inks, ink volume can continue to use chlorinated polypropylene inks can be solved.

2, associated with residual solvent effects, as long as reducing solvent residue, transfer will be reduced accordingly.

3, and and PET film products quality about, some PET film, surface processing degrees are is good, side can reached 45mN/m, printing surface can reached 50 mN/m, surface Shang see quality is good, if selection polyester, and nylon dedicated of ink, in actual printing Shi, printing surface printing of fastness instead than printing in 45mN/m this surface, after composite Hou printing in printing surface of instead to transfer, and printing in opposite of instead not transfer.

Mainly because film manufacturers seeking film of surface processing in production when dealing with film, films Corona treated too much of the film have had a destructive effect on the surface.