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In The Flexible Packaging Business, Principles Which To Store Printing Inks?
Nov 25, 2016

Storing principle of printing ink:

Safety first, storing ink warehouse as far as possible from the source of fire, heat, to prevent accidents. Good security protection, must have fire-fighting equipment supply.

Principle II to store printing ink:

Ink warehouse best kept the same, not too different from the print shop temperature disparity. If the larger temperature difference should put ink in the printing shop in advance, not only the ink performance stability, and ensure the efficiency of production. Best full-time administrator of ink, the ink properly placed, press ink storage safety standards in a reasonable place.

Storing principle of printing ink:

In some parts of the North, winters are relatively cold, ink stored outdoors should be avoided to prevent ink gel at low temperatures. In case of gel, transfer it to a higher temperature of the Treasury, or placed in hot water, insoluble matter of restitution.

Storing ink principle four:

Ink storage and management should follow the "first in, first out" principle, first bought into the ink to use to prevent ink because the time is too long, affecting its results.

Storing ink principle five:

Ink has a certain shelf life if stored too long, will separate the various components of the ink, precipitation occurs. Therefore, the ink should not be saved for a long time, the General retention period to 1 year.

Storing ink principle VI:

Residual ink after printing must be sealed and stored in a dark place, reusing the filter must be used before more than 100 mesh filter, stir and then used with new ink.

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