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How To Solve The Enormous Cost Of Misregister, This Is Very Important!
Nov 25, 2016

How to solve the problem of misregister

Basic principles of alignment

Because print film stretching and printing factors such as a longer path, in the printing process will continue to have a printing error. If not adjusted, resulting from an error printing scrapped. Overprint in the middle-grade flexible packaging gravure printing machine control becomes very important.

How to solve the problem of misregister

Printing error adjustment methods, compensation rolls and roll phase used to adjust in two ways. Traditional most used roll of plastic gravure printing machine, and a new type independent drive gravure press eliminates the registration roll roll phase adjust method of compensation.

How to solve the problem of misregister

Emerging causes of errors of color and size are changed, to get higher color accuracy must constantly for these errors in the printing process monitoring and correction. For lower-speed printing, employing control calibration. So far as the modern high speed printing is impossible to do this actually. To improve product quality and production efficiency on register control devices must be used.

How to solve the problem of misregister

Register control systems are important components of rotogravure, whose main function is to print colored group of overprints of real-time tracking, testing, and tuning. Register control device consists of optical scanner, horizontal alignment adjusting mechanism and vertical alignment control mechanism and instrument components. Detection of overprint error tracking and mainly done by an optical scanner; printing error adjusting the vertical alignment adjusting mechanism and vertical alignment control mechanism common to complete.

How to solve the problem of misregister

Vertical alignment adjusting drive motor by controlling bodies, roll of drive compensation change print the length of the path or change the roll phase, thus achieving vertical alignment control. Lateral adjustment is based on the detection of error to adjust the roll horizontal relative position.

The factors affecting the registration

In multicolor printing in plastic film, there is a wide variety of color error factors, mainly in the following three ways:

(1) by printing unit mechanical synchronization error and precision machinery roll itself causes the error. This type of error is inherent in the machinery itself. This error only through improved printing performance and roll precision approach to be addressed.

(2) plastic film during the printing process by stretching, compression, friction, shear strength, when various forces in various different ways, due to the variety of combinations and the characteristics of the film produces a wide variety of mechanical effect. Therefore, reducing the impact of these forces on the plastic film and makes the impact of each printing unit equal to improve the printing precision is of great significance.

(3) the third error is caused by the following factors: intrinsic properties such as elastic modulus of thin films fluctuations; drying oven temperature, air flow, wind speed differences, viscidity changes produce changes in ambient temperature and humidity, changes of printed thin film thickness and elastic. This error continually change over time and the amount of variation is not, is a kind of time-varying system error.