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Film Gravure Play Dirty Omni-directional Blocked, How To Solve?
Nov 25, 2016

A, film gravure "dirty" gravure cylinder production:

Cause analysis of 1,

(1) if the gravure cylinder plating chrome layer hardness does not meet minimum requirements, in the so, intaglio roller surface non-graphic zone is easy with excessive wear caused by friction between the blade and wear region will be immersed in ink, which transferred to the film dirty failures.

(2) if the gravure cylinder chrome polishing is not sufficient, would lead to CR plating layer surface roughness, the machine will use dirty failures.

(3) the gravure cylinder plate flaws, can result in black marks on residue, resulting in dirty failures.

2, solutions

(1) ensure the intaglio surface is smooth, high hardness, good wear resistance and long service life.

(2) integrated intaglio roller hardness, point depth, network distribution and other factors determine each largest printer of the gravure cylinder, once you get beyond this value, you need for gravure cylinder surface, chrome plated.

(3) before the formal printing, 800#~1000# sandpaper should be used for gravure cylinder surface for a full range of grinding.

Second, film gravure "dirty" Blade selection and installation of:

Cause analysis of 1,

(1) the blade hardness does not apply.

(2) blade installation incorrect, insufficient, Blade, blade angle doesn't fit with the gravure cylinder, scraper grinding is not sufficient, or a scraper dot with inappropriate distance ink transfer point.

2, solutions

(1) select the material closely, moderate hardness of grinding blade.

(2) ensure the blade is properly installed and even stress, lined with knife (also called a "knife") generally choose the thickness of 0.5mm corrosion-resistant flat plate, installation location should be beyond the head joints of 15~20mm, blade knife should go beyond lining the top 3~5mm. The angle between the blade and gravure cylinder should be 55 ° ~60 ° and tilted upward.

(3) during the equipment's operation, swing of the blade should be 5~10MM, period should be 2~5s.

(4) before the formal printing, 1000# full grinding sandpaper scraper should be used.

(5) according to the ink drying, set reasonable scraper distance between ink and ink transfer points.

(6) for non-graphic area not scraping the ink, through lower running speed, in intaglio roller-Visual areas blowing, in ink and in proportion to add resistance to a dirty agent, or without causing network faults without adding measures such as quick-drying solvent, so that the ink dry in a timely manner, so as not to transfer to the film up dirty surface failure.