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Bag Sealing Problems, Everybody Listen Up!
Nov 25, 2016

Anti-pollution hot-performing films, mainly within the layer of the resin used is not appropriate.


Resistance to pollution hot film. Typically, LDPE heat sealing with moderate resistance to pollution and EVA in the VA when the content has a good anti-polluting heat sealing, heat sealing of LDPE also has good resistance to pollution, ionic resin and metallocene polymer has excellent anti-polluting heat sealing.

2, thermal sealing bag making machine crisp and brittle do?


(1) heat seal temperature too high;

(2) pressure is too large;

(3) sealing time too long;

(4) the top sealing edges are too sharp or the Teflon coated damage;

(5) the excellent silicone rubber seal at the bottom;

(6) in a composite and curing process, part adhesives into the film. Penetration of the substrate by the adhesive effect of toughness (impact resistance) declined, brittle improved;

(7) after a plastic bag placed in cooling and heat seal strength increased, as well as weakening trend.


(1) according to the seal in heat sealing properties, select the appropriate temperature, pressure and heat sealing time;

(2) improve the upper surface state of hot knife, sealing surface smooth;

(3) coated with a Teflon cloth intact;

(4) select the appropriate hardness silicone rubber pad.

3, bag making machine heat seal bags after warping to do?


(1) the thickness of the composite membrane is inconsistent;

(2) heat seal temperature or heat sealing time too long;

(3) in the vertical heat seal cutter parts, the orbit deflection of composite membrane;

(4) inadequate cooling;

(5) the maturing time is not enough;

(6) the surface of base material film poor heat resistance;

(7) composite composite substrate matches the tension control in the process, leading to the aging stereotypes still has residual stress, especially composite thin film thickness are more susceptible to this type of problem.


(1) adjust the floating roller tension;

(2) within selected for their low temperature substrate;

(3) adjust sealing temperature to proper temperature;

(4) adequate cooling;

(5) fully cured;

(6) select the surface of base material film;

(7) adjust the tension of compound processing equipment parts, try to make the composite two-back rate of the substrate.