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Why butter products packed bag pattern Dim, fading, composite plastic bags or packaging?
Nov 25, 2016

Making butter products packaging bags pattern Dim, faded for two main reasons:

A, patterns of ink through the caramel darkens or packaging ink in ink sauce on the mask products salt and spices fade by erosion;

Second, followed leads to sauce products packaging bags laminated film glue causes, mostly because of the resistance of the membrane permeability of the packaging, ink seeps through the inner membrane, such as erosion and salinity adhesive. Butter products plastic composite packaging bags, packaging bag sealing glue paste products, not on the heat's sake.

Therefore, the products in order to solve the sauce bag pattern Dim, fading, produce butter products in plastic bags to pay special attention to:

Background colour of the packaging, because butter products if it could not cover the color of butter products, then the pattern color will darken. So when packaging design, will take into account the contents of the color to set the background color to deepen or hiding power to strengthen, trying not to let the color of butter products from or less through the patterned background;

II, and sauce products packaging bags of composite within film to selection resistance oil, and resistance gas, and anti-salt erosion sex strong of film, don't selection not curing knot rubber film of single group copies rubber sticky agent composite, prevent sauce products of oil, and salt and spicy real penetration within layer film and composite rubber film, such packaging mask in printing of ink on not by erosion, certainly sauce products packaging of pattern color also on not for erosion and faded has;

Three, butter products packaging bags in addition to usage of leakage in the film, but should also use a two-component polyurethane adhesives for composite. Increase the amount of glue film curing time and longer, making butter products within the oil, salt and spicy impenetrable membrane, and curing of the adhesive layer anti adhesive, resulting in delamination of composite packaging film;

SI, soy sauce products packaging bags to improve irrigation sauce, and sauce products tools and refrain from polluting the packing seal, can reduce heat on the cover packaging failure, reduce the bag breakage rate.