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Teach you four strokes, how efficient cleaning roller!
Nov 25, 2016

Roller cleaning method: manual cleaning method

Cleaning coated on the roller surface, chrome plated metal roller wire brush for cleaning, while ceramic anilox rollers must be cleaned with a wire brush.

This type of cleaning method is more convenient, produce no pollution, but if cleaning is not complete, will affect the ink effect. Generally applies to a low line of roller or roller is not very dirty.

Roller cleaning method: highly corrosive chemical cleaning method

Will corrosion sex cleaning agent (General for alkali solution) uniform smear in network lines roll surface, necessary words, in network lines roll surface package a layer plastic products case liquid volatile, will network lines roll burn corrosion 1-48 hours, stay curing of ink full softening Hou, again water or alcohol liquid (not available acetate, acid solution) combined manual cleaning method on network lines roll for cleaning.

This type of cleaning method to clean better, but has some corrosion on roller and would cause environmental pollution.

Roller cleaning method: Jet cleaning method

Soda softening cleaning medium into the roller surface, curing ink break, for cleaning purposes. Soluble, nontoxic, baking soda in touch with other substances whose crystals are easy to break, no damage to the ink roller surface and cavity wall, therefore, this cleaning method has good cleaning effect, promote and use value.

Roller cleaning method: ultrasonic cleaning method

Will network lines roll dip put in a full chemical cleaning solution of ultrasonic cleaning pool within, cleaning Shi, network lines roll slow turned, liquid pool in the of can sent high frequency Sonic of frequency device began work, makes solution vibration produced bubble to caused within explosion, continuous of within explosion force, put ink from network points in the drove, with cleaning liquid flow go, cleaning time General 15-45 minutes.

However due to continuous vibration, Ceramic Anilox surface produces minute cracks, cracks continue to accumulate, making high pH value or heavy chemicals penetrate the porous ceramic coatings, corrosion on the substrate gradually, so as to affect the life of Anilox roller, roller, so when cleaning particularly ceramic anilox rollers, should not have too often.