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Soft proofing costs too high? Experts teach you three save money magic
Nov 25, 2016

Reduce proofing costs magic: to establish a new proof of loss control

New proofing, soft bag factory to sample production according to the customer's sample. So, the question, if there is no internal sample quantification of loss management, you have three losses:

1, direct material losses;

2, staff awareness of loss;

3, losses, employee skill levels.

Expert advice:

According to customer paper proofs sample evaluation is given quantitative proof of the enterprise standard, to set the color of the ease of a reasonable sample quantity (the established communication with the press long in advance). Also note that in the normal course of proofing, proofing material usage detail records.

Reduce proofing costs Magic II: proofing in accordance with production standards before operation

If the soft proofing within the irregular operation of packaging enterprises, prone to these problems. Experience creates the main reason for this problem is: viscosity control and adjustment of blade angle.

Expert advice:

In front of the proof is to produce standards for operation, rather than to produce proof to the commencement of.

Reduce proofing costs magic III: advance to get first-hand proof color information

Proofing takes too long, to provide clients with a bad impression. Proofing for a long time, as well as soft levels of plant color and lack of printing technology.

Expert advice:

Best advance sales or technical department, get first-hand proof color data, for analysis. Both hue and select ink and so on. Can start with a simple color proofing easy to difficult, leave space for color proofing behind.

Reduce proofing costs Magic IV: establishment of flexible packaging color design

At the time of sampling, customer selection and matching of colors not too many options, but the "ball" for soft plants.

Expert advice:

Condition of flexible packaging business can establish soft color room, can also be based on existing products or combination of colors popular in the market.

In addition, soft bags can also plant combinations according to the change matches the color of the ink itself, if The combined printing, composite samples for reference and guide for some customers, you can allow customers to mix of products in the use of color is more enriched.