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Soft bag factory, how to pick the blade, giving you four standard!
Nov 25, 2016

Flexible packaging plant blade selection criteria:

1, elastic

Scraping knife if there is no flexibility, it cannot be returned swiftly to in situ, but also left in the plate when the knife, blade-like powder, copper powder, have a great influence on printing color.

Thickness of 2,

Should be used with a certain percentage of c, Cr, Mn, Si scraping knife, blade thickness is usually 0.1~0.18mm. No elastic blade is too thick, scraping clean ink, reaction on the prints, often showing a fog, not only under the influence of color printing and the same batch printing quality is far away.

If the blade is too thin, the blade is easy to leave marks in the print version, in the presence of friction, blade wear, will inevitably affect the print quality. It has come to our attention, when printing large full white background, use a thin blade often longitudinal streaks.

3, hardness

Squeegee hardness also affects the print quality. Blade is iron, intaglio is chrome-plated copper surface, because of the hardness of copper for HV200~HV300, Ming-hardness of HV700~HV900, so it's best to choose the hardness of HV450~HV600 scraping knife, so as not to hurt the printing plate, and not easy to leave a mark, you can also scrape pages excess ink.

4, shape

Blade of the scraper should choose arc, which is conducive to the protection plate. Because the surface of the printing plate is circular arc, if blade is circular, it is not easy to damage the plates, but also easy to scrape the ink to ensure non-graphic layout is clean, not BACKING AWAY. If the tip is flat, due to the cutting edge is very sharp, easy to damage the plates and the scraping effect, which affects the print quality.