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PET12/VMPET12 solvent-free compound, the appearance of some suggestions to control!
Nov 25, 2016

PET12/VMPET12 solvent free composite, composite manufacturers across the country combined with solvent-free process to produce, is quite hard to control products, machine speed can be controlled within 150m/min.

Large quantity of solvent-free compound glue glue easily points of failure, cannot be measured using complex technical ideas, but the coating thickness and filled in ink surface roughness surface, good coating uniformity is the necessary condition for structured products.

PET and VMPET are all good barrier material, gases produced side effects (for example, water reacts with a rubber-NCO CO2 gas), in adhesive prior to the loss of liquidity to be able to penetrate the packaging material not only produces a lot of white spots. PET barrier is very good material, such as failure to control the degree of solvent-free compound side effects that occur after, would be unable to control the quality of the appearance of the solvent-free compound structure.

These side effects that can produce gas in any of the following situations:

1. Binder reacts with base material adsorbed on the surface of the water. VMPET aluminum layer is strong hydrophilic material, probably in VMPET cutting links and the unwinding process of solvent-free compound adsorption of moisture, this requires: VMPET manufacturer's production is good; humidity control in solvent-free compound.

2. the quality of the adhesive

In fact b is containing water, such as 500PPM, but it is a factor of side reactions produce gas. This visit to adhesive manufacturer's size and level of process control.

3. just before a single white dot is not out of the question, the white point is essentially the air, there is moisture in the air will generate CO2 reacts with a rubber adhesive, solvent-free compound workshop environmental humidity control is essential, humidity produced white appearance failure.

On the appearance of the control methods:

During normal boot just film appearance was observed by stroboscope should have no white spots.

Stop or only partly allowed light volume after volume under tight white spots, and there is no obvious glue lines. Compound was observed when stop is not equivalent to the normal speed of the composite appearance.

Ƒ in the curing process of composite membranes, wind up part should not render the marked increase in white spots larger, then composite film has more adverse effects, when aging out. Compound usually solvent-free adhesives after 2-3 hours to reach under the dry compound machine force at the beginning of the effect, in the 2-3 hours to determine if the intermittent production.