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How to deal with low Peel strength to do the 6 points can be
Nov 25, 2016

1, addressing low Peel strength: surface tension testing

Film of surface tension test is very necessary of, for PET or BOPA, polar material due to film surface itself has high of surface tension, so even not for electric Halo processing also can reached better of composite strength, but as BOPP film itself is polar material, surface tension up not to composite of requirements, so must on composite surface for electric Halo processing, addition with time with environment of changes surface tension also will gradually attenuation, so for non-polar material in using Qian must on surface tension for detection , Especially when used in the materials stored for a long time to pay particularly attention.

2, solve low Peel strength: control the glue set

Shang rubber volume of control in composite process in the compared important, General for production cost of consider actual production process in the of Shang rubber volume General will control in theory requirements numerical lower of index Shang, but Shang rubber volume process of developed also not can stone, need according to film type and thickness for appropriate adjustment, General General composite control in 2.0g/m2~2.5G/m2, for composite aluminum thin of products, Shang rubber volume to control in 3.5G/m2 above, for hot seal layer thickness in 60 μ above of material, Especially in the open under high slip agent amount needs to increase the amount of glue, and are usually controlled in 3.0g/m2. Above, and for materials that require cooking, as Peel strength requirements of more than 5N/15mm, so the amount of glue needs to be controlled in 4.5G/m2. Above.

3, addressing low Peel strength: select stable suppliers

Whether it is thin-film substrates or inks, adhesives, they should select some well-known suppliers, because the factory has advanced production equipment, testing equipment, stable production processes as well as strong technical support, product quality and more reliable than some small suppliers.

4, solving low Peel strength: aluminum products process control

(1) controls the amount of glue

Under the prerequisite of ensuring the composite look, the amount of glue should not be too high, general control between 2.0g/m2~2.5G/m2, because excessive hard coating leads to composite film, the aluminum layer transfer.

(2) choose special aluminum composite

Adhesive manufacturer for aluminum features specially developed for specific adhesives such adhesive with low molecular weight, through the pinhole of aluminum layer of aluminized layer with high adhesion between the film.

5, addressing low Peel strength: control the curing temperature and time

Aluminum composite material in developing its ripening process considering material shrinkage damaged aluminum layer, maturation temperature lower than ordinary products, maturing period needs to be strictly controlled, maturation temperature was 40 degrees Celsius, curing time at 36 hours, in the case of higher ambient temperature, curing at room temperature can be considered.

6, addressing low Peel strength: control the amount of hardener

On the premise of full test can reduce glue curing agent added, is generally less 5%, but this method for ink printed on the full polyurethane films is not recommended, because hydroxyl will consume in the ink hardener, so glue curing, cutting will produce uneven surface or glue extruding, seriously affecting product quality.